A Chat with Karin Chien of “China Now: Independent Visions”

“Featuring the work of Ai Weiwei, Li Luo, Huang Ji, Zou Xueping and Yang Mingming among many others, CHINA NOW highlights the importance and innovation of independent artists in mainland China. With the tour continuing in Europe and North America, it is first time many of these films will be viewed on a world stage.”

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Originally published November 2015


“Pacific Worlds” – Community Voices Lead at the Oakland Museum

“The idea of the Pacific “on display” made me anxious. Were Pacific Islander communities involved in putting together the exhibition? Would it do them justice? Throughout Western history, colonialist countries have used cultural institutions like museums to showcase their occupied territories to the general public. These practices boiled down the cultures of colonized people to simplistic, stereotypical representations serving to justify violence and exploitation. While I did not expect my wildest colonialist nightmares to come true at OMCA, this long legacy of misrepresentation was not far from my mind.”

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Originally published August 2015