Three Femmes ~ Linocut Project


Image Descriptions: Three black and white scanned block prints. The first print is of a femme with small crescent moon shapes floating in the background above her. She wears a crewneck shirt with one small crescent moon on it. Her eyes are cast downward and she has a curly fro. The second print is of a femme with stars floating in the background above her. She wears a crew neck black shirt with white polka dots. Her eyes are closed and she has shoulder length wavy hair. The third print is of a femme with four-petaled flowers floating in the background beside and above them. They are wearing a black sweater with a small heart on it and hoop earrings . Their eyes are cast downward and their hair is in a tight bun.

Over the past few months I have picked up block printing again. These are three recent femme characters I imagined, carved, and then printed. Delving back in to this medium has been fulfilling and educational as I’ve played with different materials and tools. I especially love these prints because they depict queers, femmes, living in their beauty and resilience.

These were hand carved on linoleum blocks and printed with Blick block printing ink on some basic Strathmore printmaking paper I had lying around.


Mixed Feelings


color- mandu + tamales - mika

Image Description: A title reads “Mandu + Tamales, Cooking Rituals” at the top center of the piece. It has four watercolors, including one tamal, three mandu, and illustrations of how to make both tamales and mandu. There is text between the watercolors which read “making tamales alongside great aunties + mi bisabuela at christmastime, bridging the gap created by my inability to speak spanish.” and “making mandu with my mama’s fam for the new year, bridging the gap between us diasporic, mixed koreans and the homeland left generations ago.”

I have a longstanding appreciation for the humble dumpling. While ingredients and appearance may change, the dumpling is one of the most simple and ubiquitous food forms across the globe: a flavorful filling enveloped by a warm dough.

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