Losing More Than Just a Bike


I took this photo exactly one week ago. Mid-bike ride, on my way to meet a close friend across town, I felt the need to stop and capture the moment. I didn’t care if it was a great photograph or not. Oakland was just so warm and sunny and beautiful and riding my bike made me feel warm and sunny and beautiful. On that day, in that moment, I felt so purely good. If you’ve spoken with me at some level of depth in the past four years you’ve probably heard me talk about my deep love and respect for Oakland and for how much life and history its streets hold. In the past two years if we’ve spent time together you have probably seen or know about my bike, Giovanni. These two consistent pillars of my life are very linked.

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Google, Sisterhood, and International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. I’ve seen articles, comics, and personal expressions appreciating women popping up on my feed for many hours now. Even Google greeted me with recognition of the holiday. The home page doodle is transformed in to a minute and half long video with clips of women and girls of diverse generations and ethnicities, all speaking different languages, in different countries, expressing their dreams, goals, and aspirations. Watching it, I have to admit that I teared up a bit (or maybe more than a bit). Witnessing snippets of stories from women who are working, living, loving, taking up space and making noise all across the globe is pretty beautiful.

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“The play elicits food memories across the lives of all the characters, however seemingly disparate their stories are, allowing the audience to also think about our own emotional and cultural associations with food. An early review from the San Francisco Chronicle has already praised Aubergine pointing out that the audience comes away “fully engrossed in the people, ideas and language of playwright Julia Cho…A combination of theatrical ingredients so fulfilling that a standing ovation is in order.””

Read the full article on the Center for Asian American Media blog.

Originally Published March 2016